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1. Leszek Sobik wraz z „Sobik” Zakład Produkcyjny 14 999 593 30,70%
2. Paravita Holding Limited 8 439 673 17,27%
3. Krzysztof Moska 6 466 454 13,24%
4. Nationale – Nederlanden OFE wraz DFE 5 167 634 10,58%
5. Rest 13 785 004 28,21%
Total: 48 858 358 100,00%

The composition of shareholders established on the basis of the notifications submitted by shareholders pursuant to art. 69 of the Act of 29 July 2005. On Public Offering and conditions for introducing financial instruments to organized trading system and on public companies (Laws of 2013., Pos. 1382), including the registration by the competent court of capital reduction in connection with the redemption of own shares. The actual status may differ from the presented if there were no events imposing an obligation on a shareholder to disclose a new state ownership or in spite of the occurrence of events such shareholder has not forwarded the relevant report.

Selected unit financial data
Selected unit financial data 2013-2017