Escobar is a PVC floor covering created for residential construction. The matt surface emphasizes the classic character of wood reproduced under the 0.20 mm surface layer.

Total thickness is 2.90mm. The felt finish increases the comfort of use, the soft and durable surface has a very good property of reducing impact sounds – 17dB.

Technical parameters

Emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC)

Usability class: 22

Usability class: 22+

Available width: 2 m, 3 m, 4 m

Total thickness: 2,90

Thickness of wear layer: 0,2 mm

Reaction to fire: Cfl-s1

Slip resistance: DS

Weight: 1,7 kg/m2

Antistatic and dissipating properties

Dimensional stability: max 0,4 %

Shock noise reduction: + 17dB

Warranty: 5 years


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