Filtration nonwovens make a mechanical barrier to harmful substances, filter liquids and they clean the air. The filtration process is used in every industry at different stages of the production process.

The most popular are nonwovens for the filtration of liquids. These are mostly spunlace and chemobond nonwovens used as a single layer, as well as filtering systems. Waddings and needle-punched nonwovens are used for air filtration in the pre-filters. Taking into consideration the protection, in the production of respirators spunlace and needle- punched nonwovens are recommended.

Waddings nonwovens



Technical parameters

Width: 150 cm, 160 cm

Weight: 40 -700 g/m2

Raw materials:  PES+LMF

Technology: thermal bonding

Colour: white

Needle-punched nonwovens

Technical parameters

Width: 160, 320 cm

Weight: 45-1200 g/m2

Raw materials: PES, PP, PES/VC, PES+RESIN

Needle- punched nonwovens

Colour: white, black, grey

Spunlace nonwovens

Technical parameters

Width: 320 cm

Technology: water jet technique

Raw materials: PES, PP, Vi

Scope of basis weight: 30-250 g/m2

Colour: white, black, grey

Fibre structure: cross-lapped, parallel

Thermoplastic powders application