Needle-punched nonwovens and bentonite mats

Needle-punched nonwovens are an effective and simple reinforcement of substrates, embankments and slopes. They are used successfully in the construction of sidewalks, roads or highways. They are commonly used in water and land construction to reinforce the ground, slopes, embankments and to protect drainages. Bentonite mates are a modern insulation consisting of bentonite granulate inside the needle-punched polypropylene (PP) nonwoven.

Mats are used as sealing in construction works and as a barrier to protect the groundwater level. The products are safe and do not have negative affect on the environment. Their installation is fast, easy and safe, and the use of mats can significantly reduce consumption of reinforcing materials such as gravel. Depending on customer needs, we offer the needle-punched polypropylene (PP) nonwoven with a weight of 150 to 400 g / m2, and a polyester with a weight of 250 to 400g / m2. The maximum width of these ranges is 3.2 m.

We produce two types of bentonite mats. HB-3 mat has a total weight of 3.000g / m2 while HB-5 mat is a range with a weight of 5,400 g / m2. The maximum width of these ranges is 2.1m.

Needle-punched nonwovens

Technical parameters

Width: 160, 320 cm

Weight: 45-1200 g/m2

Raw materials: PES, PP, PES/VC, PES+RESIN

Needle- punched nonwovens

Colour: white, black, grey