Lentex S.A. offers the wide range of nonwovens dedicated for the clothing products. The most popular are our interlining nonwovens Chemobond and Thermobond.

These nonwovens are manufactured with PES, PP, and mixtures of PES / Vi fibers. The products may be further refined by applying a thermoplastic powder (LDPE, PA), or polymer pastes (PES, PA). We offer also waddings which are perfect for clothing filling.

Thermobond nonwovens

Technical parameters

Weight: 17-60 g/m2

Raw materials: PES, PP, PA

Technology: calendaring

Colour: white, black, grey

Max width: 225 cm

Thermoplastic powders application

Clothing nonwovens with thermoplastic application:

1.    Thermoplastic powder – coating according to pattern or irregularly

We use following kinds of powder:

PA powder

for leather

PE powder

2.    Thermoplastic pastes – coating with the use of perforated pattern

make uniform gluing strength between nonwovens and another textile products

make configuration: woven fabric – nonwoven more soft in connection with irregular coating

We use following kinds of pastes:

low-melting PA paste, resistant for washing in 40°C and dry clearing

low-melting PES paste, resistant for washing in 40°C and dry cleaning

Wadding thermobond nonwovens

Technical parameters

Width: 150 cm, 160 cm

Raw materials:  PES+LMF

Technology: thermal bonding

Raw materials: 80-400 g/m2

Colour: white

Examples of application: