Lentex in its wide product range offers high-quality wadding nonwovens designed mainly for use in the furniture industry. The main task of these products is to give upholstered furniture softness, fluffiness and to increase the comfort of their use. We offer waddings made of polyester fibers in a horizontal system. It is possible to calibrate the height of the product as well as the specific dimensions of cutting workpieces. We also produce silicone nonwovens, which thanks to its characteristic delicacy are used as a very comfortable quilts filling.

The product designed for the furniture industry is also a needle-punched nonwovens used as rootstocks for springs, which are characterized by high stiffness and strength. Our nonwovens are used as furniture profile filling material and padding and softening layer in upholstered furniture, outdoor chair filling material, filling material for protective elements in baby cot, quilts filling, sleeping bags, pillows, mattresses.

Waddings nonwovens



Technical parameters

Raw materials:  PES+LMF

Weight:  80 -1200 g/m2

Max width: 320 cm

Technology: thermal bonding

Colour: white

Needle-punched nonwovens

Technical parameters

Width: 160, 320 cm

Weight: 45-1200 g/m2

Raw materials: PES, PP, PES/VC, PES+RESIN

Needle- punched nonwovens

Colour: white, black, grey