Spunlace nonwoven, that is produced in the water jet technique, is a product characterized by high cleanliness. Technology of production uses the spunlace technic based on the usage of water needles to entangle the elementary fibers.


Waddings are produced by thermal connection of the blend of standard PES fibers and thermoplastic fibers which activate their physical properties at relatively low temperatures.


Thermobond interlining nonwovens are produced by using the temperature and the pressure calendaring rollers. Nonwoven fleece is undergone to a calendaring so to the simultaneous impact of temperature + pressure.


Chemobond nonwovens are produced by combining the fibers by impregnation with a chemical connector. Viscose, polyester and blends of polyester and viscose fibers are used in this technology.


Needle-punched nonwovens are produced by mechanical connecting of fibers. During the production process nonwoven fleece is pierced with specialist made of high strength steel needles.

Silicone balls – Lentex Ball

The production of silicone down and Filling PES Material is possible by using the non-temperature twisting of elementary fibers technology. We use for the production high quality fibers with silicone finishing.