We offer a wide range of nonwovens for sanitary use. This nonwovens are an integral part of the daily hygiene and optimal patient care in a growing number of applications. Nonwovens are used for the production of cosmetic wipes, protective and dressings products, sanitary products for children and adults.

Technical capabilities allow to fulfill orders for products in the form of jumbo rolls, as well as packaged for individual customer requirements. Unique features of the products influence their growing presence in everyday life, and high usability of these products make them almost irreplaceable for many.

Sanitary spunlace nonwovens

Technical parameters

Width: 320 cm

Technology: water jet technique

Raw materials: PES, PP, Vi

Scope of basis weight: 30-250 g/m2

Fibre structure: cross-lapped, parallel

Colour: white

Thermobond nonwovens

Technical parameters

Weight: 17-60 g/m2

Raw materials: PES, PP, PA

Technology: calendaring

Colour: white, black, grey

Max width: 225 cm

Thermoplastic powders application