Good organisation of a work, a qualified team and years of experience allow us to maintain the high quality of production. Furthermore, modern technology that we use in our laboratories increases our production capabilities. All these elements make Lentex a leading manufacturer of resilient residential and commercial PVC and a leading Polish manufacturer of nonwovens.


Lentex S.A. is a leading manufacturer of resilient residential and commercial PVC. This is the company that combines more than 100 – year tradition with modernity, resulting in a well-known brand and the company’s established position in the in Poland and abroad.

Lentex nonwovens can be applied in various industries. Lentex manufactures nonwoven fabrics for a number of applications such as sanitary, technical, automotive, construction, furniture, clothing, shoe making, agricultural, filtration and many other, depending on clients’ needs.

Good work organization

Obtained so far positive results of external audits, confirm the effectiveness of actions taken by the company in raising the quality of products, efficiency of the processes within the Quality Management System, and also mobilise for further improvement.


Our laboratories

Facing the quality requirements of customers from the automotive, furniture, clothing and medical industry we have built over the years a laboratory which guarantees the highest quality of products. The quality guarantee is based on the most modern equipment and qualified personnel.

We have top quality appliances for controlling and monitoring of mechanical parameters of nonwoven fabrics such as thickness, elongation, strength. The laboratory has also one of the few in the industry own combustion chamber and a device for air permeability. We can conduct our own research in accordance with the standards imposed by the major automotive companies.

The dynamic development of the company also influences the rapid development of the laboratory. In order to eliminate even the smallest quality errors we regularly provide a modern equipment to laboratories. Company possesses specialised microscopes enabling us to follow the dynamic development of the industry and the high quality expectations of the customer.