Lentex S.A. nonwovens according to required physico-mechanical and organoleptic features have become widely used as ingredient in many composites used in the production of car interior.


We offer the wide range of nonwovens used in the production of disposable mattress protectors cosmetic wipes, products for protection and compresses, hygienic products for children, women and adults, disposable dressing etc.


The furniture industry requires a supply of waddings used for fillings as well as a padding and softening layer. The another type of nonwovens is assortment that meet the requirements for carrier or the interlinings layers.


Lentex S.A. offers the wide range of nonwovens dedicated to the clothing industry. The most popular are our interlining nonwovens Chemobond and Thermobond.

Needle-punched nonwovens and bentonite mats

Needle-punched nonwovens are an effective and simple reinforcement of substrates, embankments and slopes. They are used successfully in the construction of sidewalks, roads or highways. They are commonly used in water and land construction to reinforce the ground, slopes, embankments and to protect drainages.


Our nonwovens are a mechanical barrier to harmful substances. They clean the air and filter fluids. Filtration nonwovens help to optimise the processes, protect the environment and ensure the highest quality of the filtered product.

Silicone down

Lentex Ball is made of thin PES siliconised fibers formed into balls of 0,5cm diameter. This type of hollow torsion fibers guarantees that the down is spatial, fluffy and flexible.

Protective mats

Using our protective mats is comfortable, clean and safe for the user and protected surface. It is used during the renovation as the protection of all types of flooring (wood, laminate, laminate flooring, floor tiles).

Looking for something else? Contact us!

Looking for something else? Contact us!