Silicone ball – Lentex Ball

Silicone down is a modern and lightweight fill for pillows, jackets, teddy bears and other textile products. Lentex Ball is made of thin PES siliconized fibers formed into balls of 0,5cm diameter. This type of hollow torsion fibers guarantees that the down is spatial, fluffy and flexible. The most outstanding feature of the silicon down is its ability to adjust to the human head’s shape. This advantage guarantees comfortable sleep. The product is antiallergic.

Another similar product is Filling PES Material recommended as a jackets, toys and clothing filling. Products containing granules can be washed mechanically while maintaining all features. We respond to the needs of our customers by producing this assortment in different packaging: 10kg and 25kg. Silicone down and Filling PES Material can be compressed on request for transportation to facilitate logistics.