Spunlace nonwoven produced in the water jet technique is a product characterised by high cleanliness. Technology of production uses the spunlace technic based on the usage of water needles to entangle the elementary fibers. These nonwovens are one of our leading products because they are known for their high quality. They look similarly to textiles and they are characterised by high strength, and good mechanical performance as well as high aesthetical properties. The technology enables the production of nonwovens with good setting features, low thickness without the use of additional chemicals. An important feature of these products is high absorbency – often it is a decisive differentiator for the final consumer.


Spunlace nonwovens

Technical parameters

Width: 320 cm

Technology: water jet technique

Raw materials: PES, PP, Vi

Scope of basis weight: 30-250 g/m2

Colour: white, black, grey

Thermoplastic powders application